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Surgical Power Tools

Power tools are essential for orthopaedic procedures involving screws or external fixation pins. Drilling a hole with a hand held chuck produces an oval hole, due to the action of the human wrist, which then results in poor screw to bone contact. Power driven drills produce pure axial rotation, hence a round hole allowing the maximum screw or pin to bone contact. Which means that if you want to give your screws the best grip, use a power drill.

Air power tools need a reliable source of high pressure medical air, either bottles or from a compressor that’s been fitted with appropriate filtration and drying.

There’s been a shift towards autoclavable battery power tools, following the trend in the human market. These range in price and size hugely, but none are cheap.

We offer a selection of tools across a range of prices. Please contact us for more information or help with selection.

  • Electrical power
  • Saw blades
  • Drill attachments
  • Vi MiniDriver
  • DeSoutter orthopaedic equipment
  • Vi Black Series battery powered surgical saws and drills
  • TPLO saws and blades
  • Bur systems
Surgical Power Tools 1 • Provet Vi Australia
Surgical Power Tools 2 • Provet Vi Australia

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