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Veterinary Instrumentation Catalogue

The Vi international catalogue is available online for our customers in Australia*.

The catalogue provides a comprehensive list of Vi’s available products, along with a wealth of information on surgical techniques. It is also fully searchable to help you find the products you need quickly.

* Certain products in the international catalogue may not be available in Australia and our range is constantly being updated. Please refer to our Products section for our available product range or contact us if you have questions about a specific product.

Additional Product Catalogues & Brochures

Order online on Provet Connect

If you have a Provet account and access to Provet Connect, you can browse the Vi range and place your order online.

To apply for a Provet account or get set up for Provet Connect, please contact your local Provet Branch.

Need help?

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need more information or advice, please contact the Vi team.