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Veterinary Instrumentation Product Range

General Surgical Instrumentation

The Vi general instrument range is selected as the most appropriate for routine surgical procedures. Many are modified from standard human patterns to better suit veterinary patients. Not all Mayo scissors are the same!

We provide a lifetime guarantee on Veterinary Instrumentation surgical instruments against materials and manufacturing defects. If you’re unlucky enough to have one break in normal use, please contact us and it will be replaced free of charge. Normal wear and tear (for instance, in a needle holder) isn’t covered.

  • Forceps – artery, tissue, sponge, suture, dissecting, steriliser
  • Scissors – surgical and general
  • Needle holders – Castroviejo, Foster Gillies, Kilner, Mayo & Mayo Hegar, Olsen Hegar, DeBakey, Ryder, Derf
  • Towel clips
  • Retractors
  • Probes and cutting guides
  • Bitch speculum
  • Swann Morton scalpel blades and handles
  • Instrument boxes, baskets and accessories

Left-Handed Instruments

Provet Vi offers a wide selection of surgical instruments for left-handers. If you are looking for a specific left handed instrument, please contact us and we will get it for you.

General Instrumentation 1 • Provet Vi Australia
General Instrumentation 2 • Provet Vi Australia
Left Handed Kit

Need help?

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need more information or advice, please contact the Vi team.