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Veterinary Instrumentation Product Range

Ophthalmic Surgery

With eyes being one of the most sensitive and fragile organs, veterinary ophthalmic surgery requires extreme care and precision, preventing any damage to the eye before, during or after a surgical procedure.

The need to utilise typically finer and more delicate instrumentation for this type of surgery is crucial.

We offer a comprehensive range of instrumentation suitable for a wide range of eye-based procedures, including:

  • Eyelid speculae
  • Corneal and iris forceps
  • Fixation and capsule forceps
  • Needleholders
  • Scissors

To make the adoption process simpler, Vi have created a dedicated Ophthalmic Instrument Surgery Kit which combines the most
useful instrumentation from this range, offering you the appropriate range of instrumentation required to start your clinical service in the ophthalmology speciality.

Ophthalmic Surgery 1 • Provet Vi Australia
Ophthalmic Surgery 2 • Provet Vi Australia

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