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NEW Simini Protect Lavage

The untapped opportunity to reduce surgical infections.

Surgical site infections (SSI) can occur after an operative procedure. Reported rates of SSI vary depending on patient characteristics, degree of wound contamination and type of surgical procedure, but despite advances in surgical asepsis and improvements in sterile surgical techniques, SSI’s continue to occur in 0.8% and 18.1% of surgical wounds.

Most infections in orthopaedic surgery are caused by biofilm- forming microorganisms, which adhere either on implants or to dead bone (sequesters) forming a biofilm that makes them resistant to host defense mechanisms and most antimicrobial agents.

In order to minimize the risk of SSI several prevention methods have been introduced, including preioperative antibiotic prophylaxis, specific antiseptic solutions for skin preparation and intraoperative tropical adjuvants and antiseptic irrigations.

NEW Simini Protect Lavage 1 • Provet Vi Australia

Recently the use of commercial solution Bactisure Wound Lavage was reported in human medicine and its efficacy in reduction in the bacterial load has been demonstrated after lavage of the surgical site.

The identical solution has been developed for use in veterinary medicine, called Simini Protect Lavage. The first veterinary clinical study evaluated the effectiveness of Simini Protect Lavage used both in revision surgeries as well as a preventive measure in orthopaedic surgeries at higher risk of infection.  This clinical study was performed by Dr. Aldo Vezzoni, and the first results were reported at the ESVOT (European Society of Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology) meeting in September 2022.


  • In surgery Protection – Best line of defense for infection
  • Enhance Aseptic Technique – Reduces 99.98% of bioburden in a human clinical study
  • Disrupt Biofilms – The key to exposing bacteria of effective removal
  • Non-Antibiotic Product – Can remove the resistant bacteria including MRSP

Protect yourself and your patients today!
Target the sources of infection at the time of the highest risk: during surgery.

Simini Protect Lavage is available in Australia through Provet Veterinary Instrumentation.