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Introducing the New Combi Canine Pantarsal Plates

Combi Canine Pantarsal Plates

The Vi Combi 2.7/3.5mm Canine Pantarsal Arthrodesis Plate has been created as an extension of our current Pantarsal Arthrodesis Plates range. Plate shape and standing angle have been carried over from the existing range due to the positive outcomes in surgery over the past 18 years. However, this plate comes with the added benefit of locking technology.

Developed in partnership with leading Orthopaedic Veterinary Surgeons, the plate has been carefully modelled against real life CT scans. A successful design has been achieved through the angling of the distal dynamic locking holes. This design feature was focussed on to ensure the best possible screw projection for maximum bone capture of the metatarsals in the majority of patients.

Introducing the New Combi Canine Pantarsal Plates 1 • Provet Vi Australia

Key Features and Benefits:

• Locking construct increases stability

• Stacked locking hole allows placement of either a locking or non-locking screw

• Dynamic Locking holes in proximal section

• Angled dynamic locking holes in distal section to allow screw projection through maximum number of metatarsals

• Angled T4 slotted hole with locking hole at the proximal end of the slot

• Distal section tapered to follow shape of metatarsals and reduce bone stress

• Three 1.5mm K-wire holes

• Available in left and right configuration

• Available in Stainless Steel