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NEW Modular Plating and TPLO Boxes

Evolve the organisation and aseptic delivery of your plating kits.

NEW Modular Plating and TPLO Boxes 1 • Provet Vi Australia

Equipped with a universal basket and lid, the Modular Plating Box is a purpose-built cassette which can house an array of instrumentation trays, plate trays and screw caddies, all designed with tailor-made holding devices to accommodate plating kits in size ranges from 1.5mm to 4.5mm.

NEW Modular Plating and TPLO Boxes 2 • Provet Vi Australia

The TPLO Modular Kit has specially designed trays for all your TPLO equipment.

Easily portable, each plating box is modular in nature, which offers the ability to personalise and tailor the components adopted, ensuring structure and formation – and improving product identification and presentation. Compatible with all types of sterile packaging technologies, the modular concept also offers the opportunity to adopt elements in a supplementary fashion, or as part of a full plating kit.

Manufactured in the US, the Modular Plating Box is dynamic yet robust, and provides protection to the components inside, ensuring longevity and quality are embodied.