Provet Veterinary Instrumentation

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Internal Fixation

Provet Vi carries a wide range of orthopaedic plates and screws for prompt delivery. We also stock locking and standard cortical/cancellous implants.

Invaluable actual size plate outlines are in the back of our catalogue, can be downloaded from our Resources page, or can be ordered from us on clear acetate overlays to aid your implant selection.

Pins, from tiny fragment pins to massive intramedullary pins along with arthrodesis and Kirschner wires, are all held in stock. We also carry a wide range of orthopaedic wire. Instruments required for internal fixation, from full plate kits to the basic Jacob’s chuck are also in this section.

We are very experienced in both implant and instrument selection - if you need help contact the Vi team.

  • Plates and plating kits
  • Wires and wire instruments
  • Bone pins and pin storage
  • Screws, screwdrivers, sleeves and screwholding
  • Equipment and screw boxes
  • Taps and tap handles
  • Drill bits, guides, sleeves, stops and countersinks
  • Bone plate contouring
  • Titanium mesh system
  • Washers, buttons, nuts and bolts
  • Rulers, gauges, markers and scales
  • Chandler's Gonadal Shield
  • Interlocking nail system