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External Fixation

Veterinary Instrumentation has long been supporters of External Fixation techniques in fracture repair. It’s why Provet Vi supplies a range of options in types of clamp. Plus of course the matching bars in a wide range of sizes and not forgetting an excellent spread of external fixation pins, both positive and negative thread.

We also have some interesting clamp-free external fixation options such as the Fessa system, which are particularly useful in smaller patients.

Our catalogue contains a good overview of the subject but a step by step guide is also available on request.

As always, contact our team with questions and for advice.

  • Threaded pins, pin cutters and insertion
  • Standard fixators (SF), insertion and kits
  • KE Plus linear ESF system and kits
  • Linear distractors
  • Linear fixators
  • FESSA external fixation